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Awareness, Education & Reconnection

Workshops, Presentations & Trainings for families, community groups, schools, businesses, and tourists visiting the Calgary area.

That Authentic Life

Our Vision: a cultural gathering space that serves to showcase contemporary & traditional practices in the art & culture of the Metis people.

Every experience, story or craft is guided by culture keepers and infused with personal experiences gained participating in traditions.

We value historically-accurate representations of Metis living, shared by community members who enjoy teaching from a repertoire of traditional skills.

Community - Growing Together

Experience Metis is empowering the Metis community by providing opportunities for connecting with traditional skills - and learning new ones!

Everyone is welcome to visit and share the enthusiasm we hold for our beautiful teachings. We host events for groups of all sorts, who seek greater awareness of Metis culture & identity - and the history that brought us here to the landscapes of Treaty 7 Territory.

Our helpers and volunteers are Apprentices in cultural learning. Our culture keepers take the responsibility to pass knowledge on seriously, and mentorship is a vital part of our work.

Experience the Beauty of Metis Culture

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