Special Offerings for Visitors in the Metis Homeland

Stories and Experiences

Metis Tea Party

Metis Medicine Plant Walk

Medicine of the Wolf Willow Rosary

Metis Finger Weaving

Metis Floral Beadwork

are retellings of events for the purpose of sharing knowledge, imparting cultural values, or commemorating historical happenings among the Metis people. Our stories feature beloved characters, heroic battles & iconic scenes from the dramas of Metis legends in Alberta. Usually humorous, sometimes spooky, and often presented with significant embellishments - a Story-walk or Fireside Storytelling uses props, songs & movement to invoke the perfect atmosphere.



are an immersion into Metis lifeways through active participation - exploring a historical site, gathering plants for medicine, making traditional dishes over the fire, for example. Experiences welcome you into the arts and crafts, tastes, smells and sounds of Metis traditions. Usually involving some form of land-based connection, each experience includes explanations of the significance and history of the art or craft being performed - and invites you to be present for a hands-on, make & take, one-of-a-kind workshop with a professional artisan.

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