Winter is here!

Our Winter Programs

Metis would utilize their winters to perfect their crafts such as sash making, fish scale art, learn about plants and medicines through story telling

Cultural experiences for schools are based on traditional methods of immersive learning – we teach kids through stories, pictures, activities – and artifacts they can handle and play with!

Teachings take place in your classroom or one of the outdoor spaces in Calgary.

Engaging presentations of traditional Métis art and culture, with information customized for every classroom.

  • Métis Sash Finger Weaving

  • Métis Medicine, Food & Tools from Plants

  • Métis Seasonal Round – Traditional Living

  • Stories of Metis Families in Southern Alberta

  • Métis Artifacts Scavenger Hunt

  • Biochemistry of Indigenous Medicine Plants

green leafed plants
green leafed plants

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woman wearing blue jacket and black pants walking on grass field pathway
woman wearing blue jacket and black pants walking on grass field pathway

Indoor-outdoor adventures with visual and hands-on activities to engage young learners. Crafts, Plant culture, and inspiring earth stewardship are common themes in these workshops. We love to share Métis and traditional plant culture knowledge with youth, Choose from casual team-building, cultural-awareness and educational programs to suit your group. Some examples include a fun traditional tea tasting party, or a Metis cultural awareness presentation.

Spring/Fall Programs