Reviews from Schools

We are lucky to work with so many schools in the community! Read what teachers have to say about our programs & experiences:

” On September 18th, I had the utmost pleasure of taking part in Kalyn Kodiak’s nature walk. Her knowledge as a Metis herbalist was astounding and I learned so much about Metis culture and the land on which I live within just a few acres! The afternoon I spent with her really broadened my
understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing and really strengthened my relationship with nature and Mother Earth. I cannot wait to book another walk with her in the spring!“

Kathleen Wells - Teacher, Calgary Board of Education

” I had the pleasure of working with Kalyn in the spring of 2021 when she led three separate excursions to the Weaselhead Natural Area with three groups of online learners that I was teaching through Connect Charter School. Her wisdom and expertise in identifying, explaining the use of, and including
students in the discovery of native plants in this area was incredible.

I would highly recommend having Kalyn work with your students. She was able to bring in curricular outcomes and reinforce the importance of working with plants, using them for medicine and healing alongside showing respect and care for the land. “

Erin Piper - Teacher, Connect Charter School

” I am glad to have participated in a plant walk with Kalyn and my students in grades 4, 5, 6 and 7. She was professional, quick to respond, and adapted to the different curriculum requirements of the younger and older students. Students were encouraged to participate with Kalyn, each other, and with their environment in new ways, and they were excited to share their learning after the experience.

The foundations of Metis culture, plant knowledge, and place-based learning in Kalyn’s sessions connected nicely to Science, ELA, and Social Studies outcomes. I would highly recommend her to other teachers! “

Kaitlyn Hladik - Teacher, Connect Charter School