About Us


Quality, Authentic Connections to Metis Traditions

We started as a couple of culture enthusiasts with a problem:

where to find cultural experiences for our families in the city ?

Solution: Creating our own community of Metis culture teachers - with a land-base that is private but accessible to the urban Metis of Calgary !

In 2022-2023, we grew into a collective of knowledgeable culture keepers - with personal experience to share in the practices of Metis art, food & medicine, lifeways and traditions.

In Spring 2023, we welcomed new and returning individuals and families (indigenous and non-indigenous) to take part in the first of many unique, informative and fun adventures in the exploration of Metis culture.

Today we continue to build on that legacy and strive for authenticity, connection, and the rebuilding of community in everything we do.

Is Experience Metis Indigenous Owned?

“Wii”, Yes ! We are a small company of knowledge keepers and instructors, and registered members of Metis Nation of Alberta. We do our best to work with other Indigenous companies whenever possible, including instructors, contractors and those who provide our supplies and services.

I'm not Metis, can I attend teachings and workshops?

Absolutely! You can attend any Experience Metis workshop, program or teaching that is listed on the events page, or book a private experience for you and your friends. We welcome folks from all background, cultures and nations to join us. It is our wish to create understanding of indigenous cultures and dispel stereotypes. Experience Metis is a Safe Space - all respectful visitors are welcome to attend our events.

What should I bring to a workshop, experience or event?

Each workshop, experience or event you register for will get you on the email list for that particular event. We send out an email to all participants a few days before the workshop, with a list of what to bring, time and location information, and tips for being safe and comfortable.

Please bring any medications or emergency medical equipment that you may need during an event. We always recommend wearing layered clothing to outdoor events, with one more layer than you think you will need (you never know when the temperature will drop). Bringing a water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, small snacks, a hat, good shoes and your notebook and pen are some examples of gear to bring along.

Where can I find your workshop policies, safety policies, return policies, etc?

You can find all of our policies, as well as safety information, cancellation policies and more HERE


How do you, as a business, benefit Metis communities?

I'm so glad you asked ! We're proud of our business model, as it took a lot of thought, and consultation with elders and leaders in the Indigenous communities who inhabit Mohkinstsis.

To develop a framework for serving our community (while running a business that feeds our families), we have blended traditional 'business' models of fur traders with modern community-driven practices that enhance opportunities for growth within the Metis community.

We're planning to write a longer article soon that will describe our business and community development models thoroughly - for now, here are some of the highlights that are important to keeping Experience Metis Inc. authentic and community-driven:

  • Training Culture Teachers of Tomorrow: employees, youth & volunteers gain cultural knowledge through Apprentice-style learning

  • Engaging with Elders, Leaders & Community Members: we're consulting on a regular basis to make sure our work is aligned with traditional values and community expectations

  • Representation for Metis in Southern Alberta: We reach out to community organizations and leadership to create opportunities for Metis in the lower half of the province to engage with their culture

  • Infusing Indigenous Values: Wahkoomiwayhk / Wahkohtowin (kinship), respect for creation, family togetherness, community responsibility, healthy living, sponsorship

Our Culture Keepers

Amy Barton

Taanishi, Amy Barton nisihkâson. I live in MNA region 3. I'm a Mother of 3, and an Advanced Care Paramedic. I'm committed to life-long learning and sharing my Metis history and culture. Permaculture design, Metis life-ways and the teachings of the medicine wheel are important value systems in my family's lives. Growing food is my passion! I want to build healthy resiliency and sustainability for my family, community, and myself. I have extensive experience in End of Life Care, am a fish scale artist and currently gathering knowledge to become a traditional hide tanner. Kalyn Kodiak has been a mentor and guide, sharing her knowledge of traditional plant medicine with me- and I am forever grateful. I want to honor my parents Terry and Sheila for their life long teachings, as well as my cherished friend, spiritual guide, and teacher Yvonne Jobin, who continues to amaze me with her knowledge.

Hailey Lambert

Tansaii My name is Hailey! I was born, raised, and still reside here in Calgary, MNA region 3. I come from a rich Metis heritage, which I am so very honored and proud of. I feel responsible and passionate about spreading awareness to others about the beauty, and preserving our traditions, our Metis Culture. I am so grateful to be apart of this team, working with the youth is always a blast, it's important for our children to know where they come from. I would also like to thank the mentors, and elders in my life who have given me the knowledge and stories to continue to pass on to generations.

rebecca lavallee

My name is Rebecca Lavallee, I am 22 years old and a proud Métis women. I was born and raised in Lac La Biche Alberta, Region 1, and I now live in Calgary Alberta, Region 3. I have always been connected to my Métis culture and understand the importance of being a part of our community. I have worked as an advocate and representative for Métis youth to ensure their voices are being heard, and now as a cultural teacher. I love to listen and share all the things I continue to learn about what it is to be Métis


Taanishi! My name is Maya, I am a proud Red River Métis woman who has recently moved back home to Calgary. I feel my best when spending time in nature, learning new things, and connecting with others. I have worked as a Professional Nanny for several years, as I find great joy and fulfilment in being a positive leader for young ones and most importantly, having fun! In my spare time, I love diving into a new book, finding different recipes to try, and discovering new ways to channel my creativity through art and writing.

kalyn kodiak

Metis Herbalist & Cultural Guide. A proud Metis and two-spirit person, Kalyn is descended from a lineage of healers, teachers and artists. She is a founding member and the current president of the Alberta Herbalists Association. She began working with plant medicines at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in 2006, and became a Clinical Herbalist at Wild Rose in 2012.Kalyn is a student of Michif Lifeways and modern western medical research regarding phytochemicals. She is a resource on traditional medicines to the Metis communities of southern Alberta, and aen aapikayahk sayncheur flayshii (Metis sash weaver). Kalyn loves to teach and hosts workshops in health and herbs, Metis traditions, plant identification and cultural art. She has been honoured to visit numerous schools, youth and community groups as a culture teacher and herbalist. She is a passionate guide to locals and tourists who wish to learn about the Metis of southern Alberta.